the Third Annual South Asian Solidarity Seminar for Youth

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global movements, local actions
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SASSY 2000 will be held on the evening of the 7th, all day on the 8th, and through the afternoon of the 9th of April, at the Northeastern University School of Law. Register by March 15th to ensure your space and to ensure that you will receive the SASSY 2000 conference packet, which will include the the finalized schedule, reading packets, and directions to Northeastern. Conference details will also be posted continuously to the website.

The registration fee is $25, on a sliding scale. Please pay whatever you can afford. The suggested fees will offset the cost of materials, rent, and food. All organizers work on a completely volunteer basis. Additional donations are welcome!

Please note, age limits are flexible.

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Please answer the following questions:

1. What interests you about SASSY 2000?

2. List three social issues that are of importance to you:

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You may also register by sending the same information,
along with the registration fee, to:

SASSY 2000
c/o Jayanta Dey
812 Memorial Drive, Apt. 901
Cambridge, MA 02139

Participants are expected to attend the entire conference as each workshop builds upon the previous one. Please indicate well in advance if you have any conflicts.

Please bring with you to SASSY 2000 any materials, printed or otherwise, that you think would be of interest to other SASSY participants.

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