the Third Annual South Asian Solidarity Seminar for Youth

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global movements, local actions
More About Last Year's Conference
the second year

SASSY '99, the second annual SASSY conference, was held in the spring of 1999 at Northeastern University. Almost thirty participants attended, with some travelling from as far as California. The conference combined fun with learning through interactive panel discussions, breakout sessions, movie screenings, and theatre/acting workshops. We explored provocative topics such as gender and sexuality; labor as connected through poverty, welfare and prisons; and activism in every-day life. The goals of the conference were threefold: to address issues of oppression that many South Asians and South Asian Americans experience; to relate them to other global struggles; and to identify ways and means of resistance.

Workshop Topics
South Asian Identity and Activism
The War on the Poor: Linking Welfare, Immigrant and Prison Labor
Crossing the Borders Within: Breaking Down Gender and Sexuality
    in South Asian Communities
ACT-ivism: A Theatre Workshop
Activism Everyday: The Next Step

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comments from SASSY '99 participants

"I don't know where to begin. The panelists were incredibly inspiring. I (learned a lot about) how to work on activist strategies... I hope you can reach out to others in the coming years."

"I was able to draw upon my experiences to build bridges with others... I like how we came up with strategies for change instead of focusing on problems. "

"The panelists were awesome and just totally inspirational. The knowledge and strategies they had were very effective... Probably the best South Asian conference I've ever attended!"

"The SASSY conference has changed my life... I believe the conference has given me (a better) understanding of South Asian activism and activism in general, and has exposed me to concepts that I have not dealt with."

"Great job. I am very glad I came. It was inspirational and helped keep me motivated to be an activist."

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