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progressive south asian politics

Volume 7: Number 1                      October 2, 1996
In this Issue...
IMF, Capital and Us: The Economics of Imperialism by Radhika Lal
"Other" wise?: The Selling of Global Cultural Difference by Sangeeta Rao
Global Technoscapes and Unborn Voices: Gendering Globalizationby Mir Ali Raza
The Structural Adjustment of Grassroots Politics by Sangeeta Kamat

FOIL Briefs

Forum of Indian Leftists (FOIL) is an organization of overseas Indians who have pledged to work collectively to intervene in the crisis generated by neoliberal economics and communalism -- crises that find expression in the diasporic Indian community and in the Indian nation. FOIL is also committed to working collaboratively with other progressive individuals and groups active on these and related issues in Europe, U.S. and the South Asian subcontinent. In the six months since it began, FOIL has identified six main projects for sustained action. The following are brief summaries of the projects. If you wish to participate in any of the projects, please send email to or call (860) 232-4815.

Pamphlet Series:- As a way of intervening in a broad range of current debates, FOIL will publish pamphlets on a regular basis. The first of these titled AThose That Be In Bondage: Child Labor and IMF Strategy in India,@ argues that the current export oriented economic policy directly contributes to the problem of child labor, making it impossible to oppose the latter without opposing the former. This pamphlet is currently in press. Copies may be obtained from Vijay Prashad or (860) 232-4815. Forthcoming pamphlets include one on new capital flows into South Asia Area Studies and another on the Indian left=s support for liberalization.

Speakers Bureau:- With the intent of creating easy and cheap access for schools, colleges and community groups, FOIL is building a team of volunteer South Asian intellectual-activists speakers. We hope to have speakers in all regions to minimize costs and schedule problems. So far twelve members across the U.S. have volunteered.

Web Project:- An information exchange and research site called proXsa Net (Progressive South Asian X-change Net) has been launched. It is aimed at providing a critical perspective on historical, political, economic and social issues concerning South Asia. So far 22 of the 80 themes are under preparation by various FOIL members. For this site to be official, we need many more individuals to contribute brief pieces on select themes.

Summer School and Internships:- The desire to build sustained relationships with South Asian-American youth resulted in the idea of a summer school. As an extension of the summer school, participants interested in visiting India will be linked with left organizations in the country.

Media Project:- To ensure left opinion in the mainstream and ethnic media in the U.S., the project works at two levels. One is for us to write letters to the editor of mainstream US press responding to articles that are of concern to us. The other is to regularly contribute full length articles to the Indian-American press.

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