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progressive south asian politics

Sanskriti started out as a publication of the Indian Student's Association of the University of Pittsburgh, back in 1990. Its original role was to ponder over the many cultural and philosophical issues that besiege Indian graduate and under-graduate students. However, after a few issues, the editors realized that the rag couldn't simply remain buried under the baggage of a student-immigrant angst, and lo and behold, a fresh-breath progressive political voice broke free. It could be that the Gulf War and the destruction of the Babri Masjid had an influence on the writers and editors to put forth an independent progressive opinion. It could be.

Sanskriti has published articles on topics ranging from grant politics to gourmet recipes, from the menace of right-wing politics to the meaderings of cultural identities, and from cricket scores to cultural history. In short, it has been eclectic. It is sad that one has to use the past tense to describe the rag, well, because it has now folded. Its editorial collective is now part of FOIL (Forum of Indian Leftists), which will now put out its own publication titled Ghadar.

Over the years, the people who have contributed to the editorial collective include: Dolphy Abraham, Richard Baxstrom, Rahul De', Sangeeta Kamat, Phil Mabry, Biju Mathew, Ranadhir Mitra, Niraj Pant, Vinod Pavarala, Madhava Prasad, Gautam Premnath, Aparna Rayaprol, and Rajagopal Vakulabharanam.

The links below are various past issues of Sanskriti that are included in this archive. If you would like hard copies of the issues, contact Rahul De' or Biju Mathew.

The last issue of Sankriti, Vol 7, No 1.

Sanskriti, Vol 6, No 1, December 25, 1995.

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