Voices from Afghanistan
RAWA Statement on the terrorist attacks Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan September 14, 2001 Rawa-010914-statement.htm
Factsheets, Teaching Aids...
Some Reasons the U.S. will go to War FOIL Mailing List clippings September 2001 FOIL-0109xx-reasons.htm (file temporarily not available)
Anti-Terrorism and Civil Rights in the U.S.

Compendium of clippings on knowing your rights and how they will be trampled on in the "war against terrorism".

FOIL Mailing List Clippings September 2001 FOIL-0901xx-ATA.htm
Unpublished Letter to the New York Times on the oil connection Greg Moses September 27, 2001 Moses-010927-oil.htm
25 Classic Quotes on Western Hegemony FOIL List October 2, 2001 FOIL-011002-25quotes.htm
A factsheet intended simply to offer a brief history of US oil interests in Central Asia; most of it is drawn from the Department of Energy’s own circulars. FOIL List 

(Kamala V.?)

September 2001 FOIL-0109xx-OilFactsheet.htm
Resources for Educators NECA/Teaching for Change September 27, 2001 NECA010927-Resources for Educators.htm
Five Arguments Against the War Michael Albert & Stephen R. Shalom September 20, 2001 Albert-010920-FiveArgumentsAgainstWar.htm
Five Reasons not to go to War in Afghanistan Compiled by the Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia  September 20, 2001 ASDSA-010920-FiveReasonsNotToGoToWar.htm
More Reasons not to go to War Compiled from multiple sources September 2001 MultiAuthored-0109xx--SomeMoreReasonstoSayNoToWar.htm
In the Name of National Security? Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia  September 2001 ASDSA-0109xx-InTheNameOfNationalSecurity.htm
Regional History
Afghanistan Timeline Murli Natrajan October 2001 Natrajan-0109xx-Afghan Timeline.htm
How Jimmy Carter and I Started the Mujahideen: Interview with Zbginiew Brzezinksi Interview of Zbigniew Brzezinski Le Nouvel Observateur (France) Jan 15-21, 1998, p. 76 Brzezinski-980115-interview.htm
Reagan's proclamation on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan Ronald Reagan March 10, 1982 Reagan820310-Proclamation.htm
Time magazine's trip to Deoband in UP, the "spiritual home of the Taliban" Michael Fathers, Time Magazine September 21, 2001 Fathers-010921-Deoband.htm
Fundamentalist Resurgence: Causes and Prospects Lal Khan October 28, 1994 LalKhan-941028-resurgence.htm
Why do"they" hate us? A chronological list of U.S. actions in the Middle East Stephen R. Shalom September 2001 Shalom-0109xx-hateUs.htm
Oil Connections
The oil behind Bush and Son's campaigns  Global Economy (Asia Times, www.atimes.com) October 6, 2001 Devraj011006-GlobalHistory.htm
Missing the Oil Story Nina Burleigh, TomPaine.com October 11, 2001 Burleigh011011-OilStory.htm
Global Terror History
Shocked and Horrified: WTC and U.S. Actions in Recent History Larry Mosqueda September 15, 2001 Mosqueda010915-ShockedandHorrified.htm
CIA’s Tracks Lead in Disastrous Circle Robert Scheer, LA Times September 17, 2001 Scheer010917-CIAs tracks.htm
Organizational Statements
Speech by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, President of the Republic of Cuba, Havana Fidel Castro September 22, 2001 castro-010922-speech.htm
Declaration of Havana Government of the Republic of Cuba Havana,  September 19, 2001 CubaGovernment-010919-Declaration.htm
Position Statement Central Secretariat of Inquilabi Communist Sangathan September 14, 2001 Inquilabi-Communist-Sangathan-010914-Statement.htm
Say no to War Jangroko Abhiyan September 14, 2001 Jangroko-010924-statement.htm
On President Bush's Declaration Communist Party of India(Marxist) September 21, 2001 CPM-010921-statement.htm
Justice not retribution Campaign to End Iraq Sanctions, Ireland. September, 2001 CEIS-0109-statement.htm
Against the Double Tragedy National Editorial Board of News and Letters Committees September, 2001 NEBNLC-0109-Statement.htm
Statement Alliance for a Democratic and Secular South Asia and other organizations September, 2001 Alliance-0109-statement.htm
Sept 11 Statement Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace September, 2001 CNDP-0109-statement.htm
Message Political Resource Associates September 2001 PRA-0109-message.htm
Response to WTC Tragedy Sakhi for South Asian Women September 15, 2001 sakhi-010915-statement.htm
ISO Statement on the air attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. International Socialist Organization  September, 2001 ISO-0109-Statement.htm
Articles of Note
Not in Our Son's Name Phyllis and Orlando Rodriguez September 15, 2001 Rodriguez-010915-notinsonsname.htm
War is Peace Arundhati Roy October 18, 2001 ARoy-011018-warispeace.html
The Theatre of Good and Evil Eduardo Galeano - La Jornada September 21, 2001 Galeano-010921-goodandevil.htm
The War Starts Here: The impact of war on countries around Afghanistan Ahmed Rashid - Far Eastern Economic Review September 27, 2001 Rashid-010927-war.htm
Working for Change: Looks at the right wing reaction to 9-11 Bill Berkowitz September 13, 2001 Berkowitz-010913-change.htm
Is the world's favorite hate figure to blame? Robert Fisk, The Independent, UK September 12, 2001 Fisk-010912-Blame.htm
The Wickedness and Awesome Cruelty of a Crushed and Humiliated People Robert Fisk, The Independent, UK September 12, 2001 fisk010912-wickednessandhumiliation.htm
Robert Fisk on the history of Afghan Invasions Robert Fisk, The Independent, UK September 14, 2001 fisk-010912-BushTrap.htm
Black Tuesday: The View from Islamabad Pervez Hoodbhoy September 2001 Hoodbhoy0109-Blacktuesday.htm
Imperial Paralysis: The fragility of American power Justin Ramiondo, www.antiwar.com September 2001 Raimondo0109xx-ImperialParalysis.htm
The War Comes Home Mahajan, Jensen September 2001 mahajan-jensen0901xx- WarComesHome.htm
The End of "The End of History" Jean Bricmont September 2001 Bricmont0109-EndoftheendofHistory.htm
Algebra of Infinite Justice Arundhati Roy, The Guardian September 29, 2001 Roy010929-Algebra of Infinite Justice.htm
Cultural Schizophrenia Malise Ruthven, opendemocracry.net September 21, 2001 Ruthven010921-Cultural Schizophrenia.htm
Backlash and Backtrack Edward Said,  September 27, 2001 Said010927-backlash.htm
Alternatives to War will Work Best in the Long Run Gerda Lerner, Capital Times, Madison, WI October 1, 2001 Lerner-010924-AlternativesToWar.htm
"First Writing Since"  Suheir Hammad September 2001 Hammad-0109xx-FirstWritingSince.htm
Demystifying Islam Mushirul Hasan, Tehelka.com September 22, 2001 Hasan-010922-Demystifying.htm
Thought not Vengeance Stephen Zunes September 12, 2001 Zunes-010912-ThoughtNotVengeance.htm
Editorial New York Times September 23, 2001 NYT-010923-editorial.htm
Articles Times of India September, 2001 TOI-0109-Articles.htm
Article The Independent September 18, 2001 Independent-010918-Article.htm
Editorial The Guardian September 13, 2001 Guardian-010913-Editorial.htm
The Taliban will Never Surrender Hamid Mir, Pakistani Newspaper September, 2001 Hamidmir-0109-talibansurr.htm
The Choice is Ours Roger Normand, CESR Director September 20, 2001 Normand010920--TheChoiceisOurs.htm
Personal Notes
Why do they hate us? Asma September 23, 2001 Asma-010923-whyhate.htm
Tackling the Terrorist Menace Ram Puniyani September, 2001 Puniyani-0109-terroristmenace.htm
We share your grief. You must share our concerns  Alibhai Brown September 15, 2001 Brown-010915-grief.htm
We are all Americans: TO WHAT EXTENT IS WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA OURTRAGEDY, TOO LjiljanaSmajlovic, Politika, Belgrade, Yugoslavia September 17, 2001 Smajlovic010917- WeAreAllAmericans.htm
FOILers Write
American Innocence Vijay Prashad September 24, 2001 Prashad-010924-Innocence.htm
Other resources