SINGH Foundation Defense of Indian Democracy Fund

SINGH Foundation is named for a late friend;
SINGH also stands for Secular and InterNational Growth and Harmony.

There are three simple ways to contribute to the Defense of Indian Democracy Fund.
All are fully tax-deductible.

Option 1. Contribute via our special page at the PayPal Giving Fund:
This way, every penny you contribute will go to the Fund.
No commissions, no deductions.
You do need a PayPal account to pay this way
(though you can use your credit card instead of your PayPal account).

Option 2. If you don't have a PayPal account and want to use a credit card,
click the button below (it is a PayPal webpage, but you don't need an account;
however, we have to pay around 2% to the credit card processor).

 Donate to Defense of Indian Democracy Fund
Don't Enter Email; Click on Pay with Debit or Credit Card

Option 3. Make out a contribution check to SINGH Foundation and send to:
SINGH Foundation, c/o Ramakrishnan
50 West 97th St. 15T, New York NY 10025
Tel: 212-866-1616 e-mail: